sqeezing in one more

Remember how I just wrote about my last race of the season.

Then I ran another one.  Just a 5k. Nothing special time wise, but it was a good run. Over the winter I definitely will be working on some speed runs so I can set some new PRs.

And remember how I said I wouldn’t be running anything like a marathon anytime soon, because I’d have to keep running for like 4 more hours?

Then I started talking with a friend about training for a triathlon. You see, I’ve had a personal goal to complete a tri since I turned 20. I originally wanted to do it before I turned 25, but then I moved to Tanzania. Now the opportunity presents itself, and I’m spending my break time perusing training schedules. Race time wouldn’t be until June, so I have plenty of time to pull this together. But I’ll be getting started now.

I guess it’s time to buy a new swim cap.

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