sugar sugar

Number one reason husby knows the babe is his: my ridiculous sweets craving the past few months.

Normally I’m like meh. Maybe a bite or two of some dark chocolate, but otherwise please pass the pretzels. Give me something salty and crunchy, preferably with something cheesy to dip it into and I’m a pig.

But lately. CANDY. Peanut butter m&ms, these new white chocolate “candy corn” m&ms, pumpkin spice flavored Hershey’s kisses. Ice cream.

Seriously. Thank goodness gluten makes me feel like crap (literally and figuratively). Because the bakery items at the coffee shop at work call to me every afternoon. It might be the only thing that saves me from gestational diabetes.

Today I was actually disgusted by the amount of sugar that I’ve been consuming lately. So as soon as these last few bags of candy are finished off, I’m on a sugar moratorium until the holidays.

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