On Swimming Pregnant

I might be the only 8 month pregnant lady that hates swimming.

It’s frustrating, because I actually love swimming. I’ve loved it since I was a kid taking swimming lessons at our local YMCA or splashing around in the park pool or at the lake.


These days, my joy in swimming comes from working out in the water. Namely, swimming laps for training and racing in triathlons. I was happy to keep up my lap swimming during the first 6 months of pregnancy, and have been lucky that for much of the time my growing belly did not impede with my movements. But then I took a break at Christmas, mostly because the pool I swim in is across the street from work and I had 2 weeks off.

When I got back in the pool last month I was disappointed. Instead of feeling light and taking the pressure off my pelvis and back, I felt large and slow and awkward. Have you ever tried doing a flip turn with a 20+ lb. watermelon attached to your stomach? Your legs don’t go where they are supposed to and you come off the wall funny. And throw streamline position out the window. Baby bellies are not aerodynamic.

So I’ve taken a break from swimming. I look forward to getting back to it in a month or so when there is no longer a baby in the way of where my limbs are supposed to move. But for now, swimming is not for this pregnant lady.


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