the nose knows

Surpisingly enough, one of the most difficult things for me to get used to in Tanzania has been the smells. Not that they are bad- some are, many are not- but the familiarity or lack there of often messes with my head. The scents that are not familiar are easy enough to deal with, I am after all thousands of miles away from home, of course it is going to smell differently. However I’m always thrown for a loop whenever I smell rain or onions and garlic cooking, because these scents that I so readily associate with home don’t seem to belong so far from home.

Tomorrow is our last official day of language training, and within 2 weeks I will know where in Tanzania I will be spending my next two years. Life is going well, and I promise there are pictures, but I am not even going to attempt to post them until I get to site, so you’ll just have to wait. Think of it as a learning experience, I’m on African time after all.

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2 Comments on “the nose knows”

  1. your american mama Says:

    We have elected the first muslim US Rep in history and still have Pawlenty as our governor, (don’t let that scare you into two more years in Tanzania!) The Senate and the House look much bluer than before –more blue than red.
    Kieth Ellison is our new us rep. I really think that people thought he was scandinavian and therefore could not be Muslim!

  2. your minnesota mama Says:

    I just realised. I am your minnesota mama!
    Love, your mama


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