time time time on my hands

with less than three months before I return to the mother land, I’ve decided to reflect on some of the things I’ve learned how to do in all my spare time without electricity, running water, or – by some accounts – sanity.

1. Bake bread.
2. Bake real sour dough bread. That’s right, I ferment my own flour. Be jealous.
3. Walk 4 hours uphill.
4. Answer questions like
a) “Why does Bush like war so much?”
b) “Why is there no problem with early pregnancy in the US?”
c) “Why won’t you marry me?”
without batting an eyelash.
5. Carry things on my head.
6. Get little kids to carry my things on their heads.
7. Make yogurt (there is a bacteria and yeast growing theme here).
8. Chicken wire a yard.
9. Crochet sweater vests.
10. Wash myself using less than 10 liters of water.
11. Enjoy doing nothing. Literally nothing. We’re talking staring at the wall folks, and I liked it.
12. Bargain.
13. Appreciate reliable mail.

So, time is wrapping up. My students are busily preparing for their national exams, which means plenty of time in the laboratory with my seniors. That’s always my favorite time with my students.

Also doing some traveling for the midterm break to the other end of the country. And influencing all those impressionable incoming education pcvs as a peace corps volunteer of the week during their upcoming training.

And then preparing my stomach for turkey. It’s coming soon. I can feel it.

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  1. B Says:

    I love your blog! Miss you Clare!!


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