training wrap up

ok, so here’s the skinny. We’re done with training in 3 days, and then 39 of us will officially be new peace corps volunteers. I will be teaching at a co-ed school in the Tanga region in the mountains. I have a new address, but for security reasons I cannot post it here, so if you would like it drop me an email and I’ll send it your way.

I’m super excited to move to my new house, to start experiencing life with no electricity or running water, and to start preparing to teach and meet my neighbors, fellow teachers and students. Oh, and to enjoy weather that calls for long sleeves and blankets rather than constantly wishing I could take off more clothing and still be culturally appropriate. Also, I know you are all eagerly awaiting pictures, and I have been promising that they are on their way. In fact, next week when we are leaving for site, all of us headed north will be spending a few days in Dar es Salaam (DSM) and will have access to the Peace Corps office computers (free internet!) so I will be posting pictures then. I know you will all wait with bated breath.

Last week I traveled to the Tanga region to shadow a current volunteer, L. We took a bus to the nearby city, and then a dala down the dirt roads for 2 hours to her village. We spent two days in her village meeting the other teachers, eating dinner with neighbors, seeing the materials she had available to teach with, meeting her students, and we also got to visit the local health center where they were caring for HIV/AIDS patients. As PCVs we receive money from PEPFAR and are supposed to be involved in programs to educate, prevent and possibly even care for those suffering with the disease, and so L wanted to start getting involved with the local clinic. One of the biggest struggles for these clinics in the villages in eastern africa is that they are severely understaffed and the staff they do have frequently do not have adequate training.

Over the weekend we headed into the main city again to relax for a couple nights before L returned to her village and we moved on to DSM. The city was right on the Indian ocean, very tropical and heavily populated by Arabs, Indians, and also predominantly Muslim. We ate all sorts of delicious Indian food, got to swim in the Indian ocean (!!!) and bought gifts for our homestay families to thank them for putting up with Americans for 2 months.

The trip to DSM was highlighted by learning where everyone would be posted for their two years of service, eating ridiculously good food (Lebonese, Tanzanian, American), bar hopping, visiting the embassy, and eating Thanksgiving at the ambassadors house. I learned some important info on how to become an ambassador, either spend 25+ years in the foreign service, raise a shit-ton of money for the prez, or go to school with the prez and stay on his good side. Rahisi sana! (very simple!) haha, it was a good time, although lacking in pumpkin pie and stuffing.

Ok, stay tuned for pictures next week.

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2 Comments on “training wrap up”

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  2. Lindsay Dickson Says:

    Just to let you know, I cannot WAIT to see your pics! I think about you so much! I’m jealous that you had a nice Thanksgiving dinner!!


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