Triathlon Update

I finally registered for that triathlon I’ve been training for. It takes place in 3 1/2 weeks.

I’m feeling pretty good about my training.  I chose a 20 week program over a more typical 16 week. And even though I started it arbitrarily, without having chosen a particular tri, it lines up perfectly with the one we chose. My training plan has had me swim, bike, and run farther than I will during the tri.  It has included brick training so I get used to doing one right after the other.

Not going to lie, last month I was a bit lax with my training.  I found myself skipping 1-2 workouts a week as the school semester wrapped up and class projects reached a head. I made sure I was doing key distance workouts, but skipped more than I should have.

Surprisingly, even though I consider myself a runner first, then a swimmer, and then a biker, I’m most nervous about the run. I think this is because it’s the one sport I don’t feel like I’ve over trained for.  I’ve swam more than double the swim distance on multiple occasions.  Same for the bike, but the run training has had me doing just 4 miles at the max – not terribly farther than the 3.1 I’ll do at the race.

So for my last month of training I’ve dedicated myself to really following the training schedule, but punching up the running days a bit to get the distance in. The last two weeks of training are tapering, which is super important, but I’ll probably keep the running distance up a bit still. I’m also working on eating really clean for this last month, and learning how to fuel for the race.

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