wanna learn about what’s up in TZ?

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don’t worry, they’re all safe. and truly, so am I, these are mostly for shock value.

Isimila Archiological site – I attempted to visit this place with some friends while in Iringa for training, but wrong directing landed us about 30 miles on the other side of town. We still had a good adventure though.

so there is this bat demon that many people are concerned with. My friend’s school called a meeting to address the danger.

we’ve been told that rift valley fever is on the way out

just when I thought the strange diseases I could catch here were starting to settle down, we heard that the bubonic plague was back

we also have these awesome bugs that spit acid when they get scared (which is often) called Nairobi flies. Oh, and if you squish them they squish out acid too. sweet, huh?

but don’t freak out, I just found out there was a second mango season!

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2 Comments on “wanna learn about what’s up in TZ?”

  1. Your Mother Says:

    Now that information is just what a mother wants to hear. . .

  2. Lorna Says:

    Good words.


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