water water water

just a rough idea of how much water I use in a week:

drinking and cooking: about 3 liters a day = 21 liters
bathing/hand washing/etc: about 1 liter a day, plus 2 10 liter baths a week = 27 liters
washing clothes: about 1 “load” a week = 20 liters
washing dishes: about twice a week, 10 liters each = 20 liters
watering the garden (only if it’s not rainy) about 20 liters

grand total: 108 liters
which means if there is no rain, and I have to haul my own water from the spring I have to make 5 or 6 trips of two 10 liter buckets each week.

how much water do you use in a week?

ps. I’m alive and well

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5 Comments on “water water water”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Thats incredible. Just for those of us USA backward from the rest of the world 1 liter = approx 4 cups of water. Try taking a bath in 4 cups of water not including hand washing.

  2. bellebearberry Says:

    Clare – it is great to see you posting again! Definitely a huge heads up on water waste in our part of the world

  3. Kelly Jordan Says:

    In one week I use a lot. I tried to imagine if I had to actually HAUL the water I was using I probably wouldn’t use as much. I am thinking back…last night I just stood under the water in the shower because I was tired and sore. This week my goal is to use less water, and re-use if at all possible. I will update you in 7 days. COLD WATER LAUNDRY HERE I COME! Love You Clare! xoxo, Kelly

  4. macnamania Says:

    […] have let 35 gallons of water run down the drain each time we wanted a hot shower. As a comparison, that is more water than I used in the average week while I was living in Tanzania. Ugh, I feel awful just thinking about […]

  5. Valerie Says:

    I always appreciate how the collective action of individuals can make an impact. However, I am also concerned with industrial production. There is such a monumentous amount of waste! I mean, just think about all those lights, stoves, fryers, computers, that are on for 12 hours everyday in a McDonalds. And that’s just in keeping the restaurant open. What about the production plant. the food testing (this I know for sure…I’d generate a huge trash bag of plastic bags, petri dishes, and pipettes every couple hours). No matter what I do in my home, I cannot possibly make up for the incurred waste that keeps our industrial nation going.


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