welcome rains

Morogoro is dusty. Red dusty. And windy. The kind of dust that coats your shoes and your skin after a short walk down any road. The short rains are on their way and they are very welcome, not only because they keep the dust down and allow for planting, but also because they provide a wonderfully cool night. It’s funny, my family always asks me if I’m cold in the evenings if the temperature drops below about 78 F, and are always so surprised when I say no.

Training is pretty much the same ol’ same ol’. I go to school every morning, learn Kiswahili for anywhere between 5 and 7 hours, and then return home, study some, write some, and play “lasti cardi” with my little brother and sister. lasti cardi is essentially uno, and always a great time. I finished up my internship teaching this week, and gave my form 3 class a test, which they did fairly well on. They also especially liked when I pulled out my harmonica to demonstrate the difference between musical pitches and sound wave frequencies. Next week we wrap up our Swahili classes and visit some NGOs (non-government organizations, usually involved in humanitarian work) and start preparing for shadow, where we get to go stay with volunteers at their sites and see what life as a PCV is really like. I think we’re all pretty excited to see more of Tanzania and get a feel for what life will be like for the next 2 years.

The week before we went on Safari the mama who brings my trainee group and the other trainee group near to us lunch lost her baby son to malaria. It was my first real touch of how near death is here. We all went to her home to pay our condolences. In Tanzania when there is a death all of the women sit together inside and all of the men sit together outside in mourning. Visitors come by to sit for a period of time to, and make an offering of money to help the family with the costs of the funeral and burial.

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  1. M Says:

    It was 19 degrees here this morning (52 degrees inside my apartment–I am being stubborn about turning on the heat, it’s sort of like camping without the fire). I like the harmonica science lesson.
    How about some pictures? We are all curiously waiting.


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