Winter Knits

I’ve been knitting for about 6 years. I taught myself in order to be able to knit then boof (now husby) a pair of socks. For every winter since  – prime knitting season – I have worked on large projects. I spent two years knitting husby a sweater, and then tearing it out when it was too small, and knitting it again.

Turns out swatching is worth investing the time in.

And another winter working on a sweater for myself. This past winter was really my first since I started knitting that I wasn’t working on some giant project. So I got to work on a lot of smaller projects. It’s amazing how many hats you can knit in the time it takes to knit a sweater!

winter knits: hat 1

winter knits: hat 2

winter knits: hat 3

winter knits: hat 4

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