Wondering what the heck those pictures were?

these are highlights from the pictures I sent out last month along with some brief explanations zebras. lots of zebras

elephants and zebras at the watering hole

my fingers did not fair so well after a Sunday morning spent washing every piece of clothing I owned plus sheets and towels. It rained that afternoon, I went to school wearing damp clothes the next day.
boabab tree. freakin huge man

that spot in the middle of the water is a hippo. 2nd deadliest to human animal on the planet (the first is some frog in brazil) they can run 40 miles an hour on land. Don’t get between them and their watering holes.

sunset in the savannah

the indian ocean in Tanga
This is called a jack fruit. We had never eaten one before so we decided to buy one from some kids in the village. It tasted sweet like banana laffy taffy, but had the consistancy and texture of an onion. Wierd. Too wierd for me, I wil not be eating any more jack fruits.
This is a cocoa fruit. Some kids showed us how to suck the white fruit of the seeds. The seeds are what are harvested to make chocolate, but at this stage it looks and tastes nothing like what we are familiar with.

These are my homestay sibs, Zambroni and Marietta. They made me take about 25 pictures, each with them making equally silly faces or poses. We spent many a night playing cards together or watching Tanzanian television while I studied swahili vocab.

We made it, finally done with training and officially Peace Corps Tanzania volunteers!

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