yarn and sticks

So one of the items on my life to-do list is to teach myself to knit.
I know what you’re thinking:
“But clare, crocheters and knitters just aren’t friends.”
“Why would you want to use two sticks to make rows, when one hook can make lace and flowers?”
“Why do you choose hobbies that will make you the coolest grandma around?”
“Get back to making cupcakes, those are delicious.”

And the truth of the matter is, cupcakes are delicious.
But seriously.
I’ve been thinking of this for the past year or so, and cute knitting patterns are just so much more accessible than cute crochet patterns. I love crocheting, and will always be a hook user first, but I’m looking to expand my horizons.

And, since I seem to have seriously misplaced the hook I was using for the current crochet project, it seemed like now was the right time to start.

So I bought a couple needles and read through a couple tutorials, and let me tell you, picking up a second stick is not easy when you’re used to one. I keep trying to do everything with my fingers instead of letting the needles do their jobs. But it’s coming. I’ve mastered casting on and knitting and purling, and am trying my hand at a simple hat before I move on to the things I really am learning for: socks and sweater dresses!

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